Logo Design for Luxury Brands


It’s an open secret that one of the most difficult audiences to capture can be that of a sophisticated consumer. And logo is essential while trying to achieve the prestigious, refined image to attract the right clients. Attracting the clients is not an easy task. But it’s even more complicated to create the right logo that will help to do this. It is hard but if you do well, any other design task will be a piece of cake for you. So here are some advice from an experienced web designer Michael Martin for those who are ready to start.

Before you start just ask yourself a couple questions

  • The first question is of course ‘Who is the logo for?’ When dealing with luxury brands, you are dealing with a very specific audience which is often more discerning. Consumers of luxury goods desire products that are elite and not mass market. Such products represent an aspirational lifestyle. Logo design must try to reflect this.
  • The logo should instantly identify the client and their values. It needs to be quickly recognized and to stick in the memory. It needs to portray sophistication and class for this market sector.
  • Gain inspiration from historical designs, museums, art galleries – use imagery in your designs which appeals to this client base.
  • Re-visit visual techniques from classical art – for example, perspective from the Italian master Masaccio or colour blending techniques from Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Keep in mind a balance between the historic and the contemporary. Select traditional calligraphy or classic type fonts when choosing your lettering. Use of these letters has always been associated with nobility and exclusivity. These fonts can then be applied in a more modern way. This can be done by manipulation of the scale and spacing of the character. In addition, overlaying these traditional letters with rational modern shapes can create the desired balance between old and new.
  • Integrating traditional symbols to create a sense of reminiscence. If you can connect the modern brand to how the same product or company existed in the past, it will give the product a historical connection and deeper level symbolism. Take time to research the ancient guilds to see what symbols they were using. By basing your new logo on this concept you will create a deeper level of complexity.
  • Keep the design simple and avoid being too decorative and ornate as it still needs to appear contemporary. Clean clear lines and geometries are always seen as modern. You can begin the design process with the historical and ornate designs and then in the second stage revise and simplify the logo to obtain the right balance.
  • Create emotional links – use color, shape, and shadows to trigger emotional associations and deeper thoughts.
  • Design a logo to represent a high end company that will last over time – it must be able to convey its message over time and adapt to cultural changes. Think of the great Renaissance artists of Florence whose work creates as strong an impact today as it did when it was created.

Just follow these simple rules when designing your own logos and hopefully it will help you. Good luck!

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