Q- What is Vecree.com?

A- Vecree.com is website made by team of professional designers and developers to help users get the maximum Free vector designs which they can use in any projects. Our aim is to provide all-in-one place for users to search and download free vectors without spending much time in searching over the internet.



Q- Are the designs in Vecree.com really free for personal and commercial use both?

A- Vectors which are exclusively designed by vecree.com are free for personal and commercial use. All you need to do is give attribute to vecree.com by mentioning “Designed by Vecree.com” on every page where our work is used. Please refer to complete Terms and Conditions for more info.



Q- I want to use the design but I do not want credit vecree.com. What do I do?

A- If you do not want to credit vecree.com for the design then you can get a “No-Attribution License” for any design on our site at a minimal price. No-Attribution License lets you use the file as you want without worrying about crediting us. Check the preview page of our designs for more info or contact us.



Q- I purchased the design and now what?

A- After you purchased the file, download that particular purchased file the same way with “Download for Free” button and need not to credit us now. You still have to open the downloaded EPS or AI file to remove “Vector Designed by Vecree.com” text.



Q- What do you mean by “Check original website” License?

A- The vectors with license “Check original website” means that these designs are made by third party and not by vecree.com
Although, these designs are provided for free, still vecree.com holds no guarantees for it. All users must check the license and terms & conditions of these designs from their original website before downloading anything.



Q- I am having trouble in downloading file?

A- You may sometimes face issues with old browsers and while using download managers. Please check if you are using updated web browsers. If you are still facing issues with downloading or broken links, please use the Report Issue link found below the image or contact us with the link of the file you want to download.



Q- How can I open this file?

A- Vector files provided with the downloads are saved in EPS10 format. These files are vector files and can be opened by any vector programs (Adobe Illustrator recommended) which supports such formats.



Q- Where from can I get the fonts used in the files?

A- Fonts used in the designs are only for demo purpose. Please replace the font with yours before using the file. All the fonts have been converted to shape before publishing, we do not provide any fonts for download. To download the fonts please Google it and find the suitable font.



Q- Is there any way to download all the designs at once?

A- No, you cannot download all the designs at once.



Q- I am a designer and I want to contribute to vecree.com, how can I do so?

A- We are currently not open to submissions, but we may do so in near future.



Q- I have got a project. Do you people do custom work?

A- Yes, we do custom work. Please contact us for our availability status and the details of your project. And of-course, custom work is a paid service.